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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lunch Break

So I'm sitting at my desk right now for lunch bored...waiting for someone to give me something to do because I finished my project..but oh one's back yet..oh well...I'm sure another massive project will be given to me as soon as they get back. Anyways, yesterday was a fantastic day. I got out of work early at 3 because the rest of the people here in the Abestos department left for a deposition so they told me to take the rest of the day off...which I took full advantage of. I went over to the lake and laid out for a little (it was 90 degrees outside), and then I went over to Spears Y to work out for 2 hours..i must have lost track of time. So you would think I would be exhausted after working out..but apparently not. I don't even know if I slept 2 hours last night...I just could not fall asleep...I'm not dragging at work today either..I feel like a slept 13 hrs..who knows..I know I must be crazy. Anyways, I'm hoping to maybe leave a tad early around 4 :30ish to go meet my sis and her trainer over at GDS to get a work out plan/max out and then go train with them for a lil. Tomorrow is my last day at work this week YAY!...cause i"m going to VA Beach for Mel's Nationals. I'll be back sometime late Sunday

14 days - Charleston ;)
23 days - Spain

Sunday, May 29, 2005

So it's been awhile since I kept you guys updated on this thing..sorry about that. This weekend was quite hectic and eventful. Melanie graduated on friday and it was quite an experience going back to my high school and seeing old friends and curious teachers and parents. Can't believe that I graduated from high school two years ago...definatly brought some old memories back..bad and good. It was 90 degrees out there and i definatly got burned. My lil sis and I were there 2 hrs before to save dad wanted the best seat in the house. After graduation, my dad treated about 15 of us to celebrate at Mel's favorite restaurant- Taste of Thai which was suprisingly quite good.

Yesterday morning I woke up a nervous wreck before my oral surgery but my dad came with me for support. Just sitting there watching them hook me up to an IV and monitor scared me enough but before I knew it they put the mask on me and I woke up later being wheeled out to the car. I did alot better than expected. I spent all day yesterday with ice on my face (a sight to see) and bowl next to me. They decided not to do stitiches (not sure y) so lucky me got to have bloody gauze in my mouth all day. I took some Codine(on an empty stomach) which was a bad idea because i got very very sick and couldnt keep any food down. I tried walking downstairs to get something to eat later but failed and got dizzy so I had to turn around and walk back to my room. This morning was alot better. The swelling has gone more bleeding...and I finally had normal food today thanx to my lil sis who cooked breakfast for me I took more COdine after breakfast because the pain started so i was knocked out untill about 2. But I am glad to say that I am now completly recovered and no more wisdom teeth problems : )

Spent the rest rest of the evening watching When Harry Met Sally (classic) and having a nice talk with my mom outside on the balcony . No work tomorrow...thank more day to recover

**till next time**

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Much Better Day

So I first I would like to thank my doc for prescribing some great meds that completly knowcked me out lastnight..thats right..I'm on 5 for swelling, two for the infection and the other two I have no clue. I was in and out of sleep since 10 lastnight. Atleast the pain is a little more bearable now but yes I still went to work and pushed myself to be there all8 hours. They have me working on this huge project because we are working on this huge law suit and apparently our co-counsel in SC is not really helping us out so everyone is pretty stressed. I have been given about 200 client files to get medical records, work history and determine exposure to asbestos and evakuate their past litigations and settlements....whew....what alot of work. The best part of the day was when I got a lil visit from the boss. He said he heard of all the work I've been putting in the help I've done with this big suit and he told me to keep the form updated as I finish up Davidson and law school because "we could use you in the future:". So that was my highlight. As we speak, my parents are out to a Drug Rep. dinner so I am anxiously waiting for them to bring me some cheesacake....mmmm. I;m gonna take it easy for the rest of the night,,watch Season FInale of One Tree Hill and then Flashdance with Mel. ...later kids...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Could Have Been A Better Day

So let's talk about my great day...scratch that..a lack of one. So i maybe slept three hours lastnight. My mouth has been in excrutiating pain for the last 2 days which has given me a migraine which refuses to leave. Also my dad fainted lastnight in the bathroom so that caused alot of comotion. No worries...he was just really sick from food poisoning and passed out but he's alright now. Anyways my mom decided to make me an emergency doc's appt today to see the oral surgeon and what do you know...all 4 wisdom teeth have to be removed ASAP because I have an infection which could cause a cist if they don't remove them fast enough..they wanted to operate on me tomorrow morning but no one can squeeze me in till Saturday but in the mean time the doc put me on 5 meds..haha I should be feeling great for the next few days...and yes I will still be working...lucky me. But anyways sorry for the complaining...just not feeling well and I think the meds are startin to kick in he.

On a much happier note, and after a long talk and brilliant convincing on my part, my parents are letting me go to Charleston to go see Will in June ; )...23 days

On a random thought...1/3 of the summer is over

**Aight- I'm gonna lay in bed, takes these drugs and watch one of my favorite movies :Devil's Advocate....till tomorrow kids : )

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Alright so Will convinced me to get back on this thing so here I am : ). I promise to be a lilttle better this time actually keeping this thing updated.

So my morning began by going to mass with my family and wow it had been way too long since the last time I went. I am getting ready to go on a long bike ride with my sisters and dad and then hopefully out canoeing on the lake. Tonight D.T. and I are heading out to another Grasshoppers game...hopefully we'll do a lil better then we did lastnight against Augusta.

So it's been exactly one week since I left Davidson and it feels like I've been gone for a month. It feels great to be home with the family but I really do miss my friends and "Davidson life". Right now I'm interning for a big law firm here in Greensboro specifically with the Asbestos related cases which are quite fascinating. Eventhough I'm not getting paid, it's a great work experience and exposure to law life which is what I want. Starting in June I will be back working at Spears Y on come on down..get active and come visit me haha. But 32 days and I will be in Spain...counting down the days and hopefully 24 days till I go down to visit in Charleston ;)

Well I'm out to go do the whole biking/ canoing/baseball thing....peace out.